Top 15 Popular Social Networking Apps 2019-2020

Nowdays time Social Apps and Networking, billions of users are using daily different social apps, in this article you will know Find here list of top most 15 popular social networks app worldwide. No doubt social networks apps bring great revaluation in the world. Its provide bunch of opportunities to the people regarding getting latest information, entertainment, learning and knowledge, breaking and hot news, sports activities, religions information and activities, political events and information. Means top most 15 popular social networks app worldwide is a sea of people, where the different types of peoples from different countries, different genders and races are together.  Internet is the 20th Century great inventions but top most 15 popular social networks app worldwide are 21st century inventions. The findings regarding top most 15 popular social networks app worldwide are based on latest original research, visitors per month who are using these social sites and apps. Nowdays, new social media sites are coming and going back and shutting off but these have stood the test of time. Below list of social apps is updated with new data as it becomes available. In this article data is combines global and US social media visitors per month. On different social apps and websites the actual numbers of monthly visitors are gathered from different sources and websites. After reading this article you will get information regarding the popular and most frequently using social apps.

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List of Top Most 15 Popular Social Networks App Worldwide:

S.No. Social App/Network Per Monthly Visitors
1. Facebook 1,940,000,000
2. YouTube 1,000,000,000
3. Instagram 700,000,000
4. Twitter 313,000,000
5. Reddit 250,000,000
6. Vine 200,000,000
7. Pinterest 150,000,000
8. 160,000,000
9. Tumblr 115,000,000
10. Flickr 112,000,000
11. Google+ 111,000,000
12. LinkedIn 106,000,000
13. VK 90,000,000
14. ClassMates 57,000,000
15. Meetup 30,300,000

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