Top 100 Random Mind Blowing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

If you are traveller and love to explore world and new strange locations, then we have got some amazing mind blowing facts for people like you. The whole world is a global village, and people often explore nature and love to visit new places worldwide. Our huge collection of random mind blowing facts will surely blow your mind. So check out following top 100 random mind blowing facts to know more about world and nature.

Top 100 Random Mind Blowing Facts

  1. The reason the essence of counterfeit banana seasoning and simulated banana enhanced items doesn’t have an aftertaste like bananas is on the grounds that it depends on a kind of banana that was wiped out by a torment in the 1950’s.
  2. Australia has more than 10,000 shorelines. You could visit another shoreline regular for more than 27 years!
  3. It was Nicholas Cage who initially exhorted Johnny Depp to seek after a vocation in acting, amid the mid 1980’s.
  4. The national creature of Scotland is the Unicorn.
  5. The chiefs of the film Despicable Me really composed their own dialect for the Minions called Minionise.
  6. The chairman of the Alaskan town, Talkeetna, is called Stubbs and has been leader of the town since July 1997. Stubbs is a feline.
  7. The Nazis were the primary ever individuals in present day history to begin a hostile to smoking and tobacco development.
  8. Due to the muggy and clammy conditions that a sloth lives in, greenery and other comparable plants will now and then develop in its hair. Sloth’s additionally have terrible visual perception. These two elements can once in a while come full circle in a sloth snatching its own arm, while supposing it is a branch, and tumbling to its demise!
  9. Consistently in June an odd celebration happens in the town of Castrillo de Murcia close Burgos in Spain amid which men spruce up like the fallen angel and afterward bounce over infants conceived in the past twelve months of the year! Known as El Colacho, this weird custom is a piece of the nationwide Corpus Christi festivities yet just occurs in this little town.
  10. Viagra, when broken down in water, can make cut-blossoms remain erect for up to seven days longer than they normally would. Attempt it!
  11. There is a uninhabited island in the Bahamas known as Pig Beach, which is populated totally by swimming pigs.
  12. Catnip is ten-times more successful at repulsing mosquitoes than DEET, the fundamental substance utilized as a part of creepy crawly anti-agents.
  13. In the event that eaten in one feast, 30 to 90 grams of polar bear liver is sufficient to execute a person.
  14. American microbiologist Maurice Ralph Hilleman is authorize with creating 8 of the 14 routine inoculations utilized today, these being; Measles, Mumps, Hepatitis An and B, Chickenpox, Meningitis, Pneumonia, and Hemophilia flu. He additionally found that Chlamydia was not an infection as it was already thought to be.
  15. In 2002 alone, more individuals in the U.S. were slaughtered by pooches than in shark assaults in the previous 100 years.
  16. American school, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, considers certain understudies who take courses in Pistol Marksmanship, Archery, Sailing and Fencing as ensured ‘Privateers’.
  17. It is anticipated that the motivation behind why night creepy crawlies, for example, moths, are pulled in to lights is on account of they confuse them for the light of the moon, which they used to explore the Earth before humanity made manufactured lights.
  18. Justin Bieber once held up a sign from his lodging room window saying “Go to McDonalds and get me a Big Mac”. He got his Big Mac.
  19. In the mid 1900’s, Lobster was viewed as the “cockroach of the sea” and was synonymous with the poor – frequently eaten consistently by the destitute, slaves and detainees. It wasn’t until after World War II that lobster got to be distinctly viewed as a delicacy and sustenance related with the highborn classes.
  20. Bunnies are conceived with hide and can see while rabbits are conceived “exposed” and daze. Omg! this one is really an amazing random mind blowing facts.
  21. In the sixteenth Century, it was a typical conviction among individuals that the Mandrake Plant developed just where the discharged semen of a dead hanged man touched the ground.
  22. Film maker Jeffrey Katzenberg resuscitated The Walt Disney Studios by delivering some of their greatest hits: The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. After these he asked for advancement, and was then suddenly let go by them. He then swore vindicate against Disney and established DreamWorks Studios.
  23. On Black Friday 2014, Cards Against Humanity was expelled from being at a bargain and supplanted with a “Bullsh*t” box, on special for $6. This crate contained “strict excrement, from a real bull,” as the portrayal expressed on their site. This was to dissent to the Black Friday shopping madness where customers will actually purchase anything at a bargain. This exceptional Black Friday version of Cards Against Humanity sold more than 30,000 duplicates, where all purchasers really got a container of bull crap.
  24. Using opt genetics, researchers could make a false memory inside a mouse’s mind. This was finished by denoting the neurons that let go in the mouse’s cerebrum when in one condition, exchanging the mouse to a moment situation and making these neurons fire while stunning the mouse’s feet, then exchanging the mouse back to the primary condition. This made the mouse trust it had a repulsive involvement in the main condition when in certainty it hadn’t.
  25. On one of the islands off the West-Coast of Australia untruths Lake Hillier. A splendid, bubble-gum pink lake! In spite of not being the main hued lake on the planet, it is special since it is the main shaded lake where researchers have not yet figured out what causes it to be such a splendid pink.
  26. In 2005, Iraqi guerillas attempted to persuade American authorities that they were holding an American officer prisoner and intended to slaughter him if Iraqi detainees were not discharged. Be that as it may, their gathered prisoner ended up being a military activity figure, not a genuine officer.
  27. In 2014, Netflix burned through $0 on advertising its DVD rental business, however more than 6 million individuals still utilized it.
  28. There is a German strategy of swordsmanship known as ‘Mordhau’, which comprises of holding the sword transformed with both hands and utilizing animal drive to cripple your adversary with the handle or cross-watch!
  29. In 1969, an artist named Jim Sullivan recorded a collection called “U.F.O.”, which included interesting verses about leaving his family and being kidnapped by outsiders. Sullivan vanished six years after the fact without a follow, the main bit of confirmation being his relinquished auto found on a betray street.
  30. In the film Star Wars Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith, each and every one of the clone troopers was delivered utilizing CGI impacts.
  31. There is presently innovation incorporated with a few firearms in America that permit a weapon’s proprietor to control the well being discover utilizing their cell phone or tablet.
  32. In China, 2013, researchers could grow a human tooth starting with no outside help utilizing undifferentiated organisms taken from pee.
  33. French creator Thomas-Alexander Dumas (The Three Musketeers) is the most noteworthy positioning dark military authority in Europe to date.
  34. Spiked and studded canine collars get from the times of the Ancient Greeks, who might give their sheep-pooches pointedly spiked collars to shield their necks from wolves while they viewed over a Sheppard’s run around evening time.
  35. The world record for the biggest pineapple was developed in 2011 by Christine McCallum from Bakewell, Australia. The pineapple measured 32cm long and measured a mind blowing 8.28kg!
  36. A review has demonstrated that a male zebra finch is less inclined to court a female zebra finch in the event that he didn’t frame any social kinships with female zebra finches when more youthful.
  37. Craftsman Salvador Dali would frequently escape paying for beverages and dinners by drawing on the checks, making them precious masterpieces and subsequently un-cashable.
  38. The MMORPG Eve Online facilitated the world’s biggest ever online fight in space on the 28th July 2013. It endured more than five hours and was battled between four-thousand players!
  39. Hawaii’s state banner is the main US state banner to highlight the Union Jack upon it. Wow! this is cool random mind blowing facts for sure.
  40. Initially, Marge Simpson’s hairdo was outlined that way on the grounds that the maker, Matt Groening needed to conceal her rabbit ears.
  41. The primary PC for business utilize was created and spearheaded by a British coffee bar called Lyons in the 1950’s. The LEO (Lyons Electronic Office) contained 6,000 valves and was worked by Cambridge mathematician John Simmons to include the receipts of frosted buns!
  42. Specialists who play computer games no less than 3 hours seven days perform 27% quicker and make 37% less blunders.
  43. “Quarantine” gets from the Venetian lingo of Italian and the words ‘quaranta giorni’, signifying ‘forty days’. This is on the grounds that when it was found that boats were pervaded with torment conveying rats they were made to sit at stay outside Venice’s city dividers for forty days before coming aground.
  44. There is a visually impaired man in America, Daniel Kish, who utilizes echolocation to explore in an indistinguishable route from a bat! He does this by delivering a clicking sound with his tongue and afterward listening eagerly for the sound waves to skip back.
  45. Roughly 1,000,000 puppies in the U.S. are named as the beneficiaries of their proprietors’ wills.
  46. In a meeting with Taylor Swift in 2005, she was told, “If music doesn’t work out, you could be a hair demonstrate”. After seven years, a similar lady talked with her again and apologized for what she said.
  47. In a survival circumstance if you somehow happened to drink seawater it would quickly get dried out you and soon prompt to your demise. Be that as it may, it is tremendously less destructive to eat solidified seawater. This is on account of it contains a tenth the measure of salt as its fluid shape, because of the way that the salt is isolated from the water when solidifying as it doesn’t fit into the crystalline structure of ice.
  48. In 2012, an Afghan Taliban Commander Mohammed Ashan handed himself over to nearby specialists, attempting to guarantee the $100 remunerate prize he had seen on a publication for his capture.
  49. The association “Clique Awareness Network” once recorded Scientology as its ‘#1 Most Dangerous Cult’. Scientology then sued the Cult Awareness Network and got them out in an antagonistic takeover.
  50. Because of the greatly warm climate in the late spring of 2013, a few atomic power plants over the world, incorporating ones in Japan, Israel and Scotland, were compelled to shut down in view of a sudden increment in the number of inhabitants in Jellyfish. The mass measures of Jellyfish stopped up the channels that draw seawater into the power plants keeping in mind the end goal to chill off their reactors!
  51. At the point when recorded, “nearly” is the longest word in the English dialect to have the greater part of its letters in sequential request.
  52. In Canada, 2012, specialists could speak with a man in a vegetative state. Unconsciousness understanding Scott Routley could tell specialists by utilizing his considerations that he was not in any agony.
  53. The nation of Lichtenstein has a to a great degree low wrongdoing rate, and as per one individual from their police there hasn’t been a murder in Lichtenstein since the late 1990’s! Lichtenstein’s whole Police Force comprises of 91 officers and 34 non military personnel staff just – 125 altogether.
  54. A review was directed that indicated clients in a book shop were 3.48 circumstances more prone to examine sentimental books if the store possessed an aroma similar to chocolate, and 5.93 circumstances more inclined to get them!
  55. Sonic the Hedgehog has enrolled itself in Guinness Book of World Records for being the quickest gaming character ever.
  56. France has directed 210 atomic weapon tests, more than the United Kingdom, China, India, and North Korea joined! This is hardly a fifth of the sum directed by the United States, in any case, who have led around 1,054 tests.
  57. Iran completes more sexual orientation change operations than whatever other nation on the planet. As per authority insights Iran has somewhere close to 15,000 and 20,000 transsexuals occupying it, albeit informal measurements put that number at roughly 150,000!
  58. There is an Australian man, James Harrison, who has an independently special blood plasma organization that has been utilized to cure Rhesus infection, a hemolytic illness that influences infants. He has given his blood plasma more than 1000 circumstances.
  59. In 2011, Chinese specialists could expel the corroded, 4 inch end of a broken cutting edge from the skull of a man who asserted it had been stuck in there for a long time! The man had been wounded in the lower-jaw by a criminal four years already and the edge had snapped off, stalling out in his mind.
  60. Put A Pillow on Your Fridge Day, is praised on 29th May in Europe and USA and as far as anyone knows conveys good fortunes and riches to the family unit.
  61. At the point when individuals are struck by helping the check that shows up on their tormented zone a short time later resembles a complicatedly nitty gritty outline of a greenery tree and is known as ‘helping tree’ or here and there ‘helping bloom’. This happens because of fragile vessels bursting underneath the skin from the stun of the electrical release.
  62. In Bordeaux, France, 1940, Portuguese ambassador Aristides de Sousa Mendes issued an expected 30,000 Portuguese travel visas so as to Jewish families escape abuse from the Nazis. When his bosses had scholarly of his activities, he was requested back to Portugal, rejected from office and denied his annuity benefits. Sousa Mendes went ahead to pass on in 1954, ruined and unsung.
  63. Family unit cleaner Cillit Bang was utilized to clean plutonium recolors away in an outdated atomic power-plant in Scotland as it was being destroyed. Blast and the radiation is no more!
  64. On 23rd May 2012, the American atomic submarine USS Miami was harmed unrecoverable by a fire while it was docked up in a Naval Shipyard. In spite of the fact that the begin of this terminate was misty at initially, regular citizen representative Casey J. Anger later confessed to beginning the fire with a specific end goal to “escape work early”. For this he was sentenced to 17 years in a government jail requested to pay $400 million in reward.
  65. The tea-sack was an incidental creation. This happened in 1908 when tea trader Thomas Sullivan conveyed his tea tests in little, smooth sacks. His clients, not understanding that these were tests, dunked them and abruptly Sullivan was overwhelmed with requests for his ‘tea packs’!
  66. As of May 2015, 2.3 Million Americans still subscribed to AOL Dial Up Internet.
  67. Nokia was initially established in 1865 as a paper printing organization. Able, to state when it was established paper was one of the world’s most utilized strategies for long-remove correspondence!
  68. The worlds greatest at any point recorded turtle was a Leatherback Turtle that cleaned up Harlech Beach, Wales, in 1988. It was evaluated to be 100 years of age, and was right around 9 feet long measuring a tumultuous 2,016 lbs!
  69. Archeologists in London have found a Mesolithic instrument making industrial facility that gives considerable proof people were living on the River Thames 7,000 B.C. That is more than 9,000 years back!
  70. A Dachshund (a.k.a. a wiener pooch) was initially reared to chase in low, limit badger tunnels. Indeed, the expression “Dachshund” deciphers from German as ‘badger pooch’!
  71. In mid-2013, monitors inside a jail camp in the Komi locale of Russia got a feline moving over the fence that was being utilized to sneak cell phones, chargers and batteries into the jail. This was finished by individuals taping the gear to the feline’s back and afterward having the feline move over the wall to achieve the detainees inside!
  72. “Oxymoron” is itself an ironic expression. This is on the grounds that it gets from Ancient Greek where “oxy” signifies “sharp” and “moros” signifies ‘inept’.
  73. Bruno Mars’ original name is Peter Gene Bayot Hernandez. His stage name, “Bruno Mars”, was motivated by the wrestler Bruno Samartino. This was on the grounds that as a youngster, Bruno was autonomous, sure and solid willed, similar to the wrestler. “Mars” tagged along on the grounds that he was regularly told he was “wild” by the young ladies, so he utilized the planet Mars as his last name.
  74. 2013 was the main year since 1987 to highlight four unique numbers.
  75. The expression “due date” originates from the American Civil War. Detainees would have lines attracted around them the soil, and in the event that they crossed this line then they would be executed by their gatekeepers. Both detainees and protects soon took to calling this line the ‘dead line’.
  76. There is an island that sits amidst the Bay of Bengal called North Sentinel Island. The indigenous individuals of this island have never been colonized by the outside world and are to a great degree threatening, assaulting any individual who attacks their property without dread. Makes this much all the more fascinating that, when taken from the island, these individuals show manifestations of a secret sickness before biting the dust in the event that they are not returned.
  77. In Soviet work camps, detainees would ingest a condom joined to a length of elastic tubing, top it off with crude liquor then carry themselves once more into the camp. Once there they would be suspended topsy turvy by alternate detainees and utilized as a human barrel.
  78. Amid the First World War, such a large number of starving wolves had amassed together in an incredible pack that restricting German and Russian strengths shaped a transitory cooperation with a specific end goal to battle them off!
  79. Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day is commended on 27th July, on this strange day, individuals walk their houseplants around, so they can become more acquainted with their condition somewhat more, which as far as anyone knows gives the plants a feeling of knowing and acclimation to their encompass ranges.
  80. In 2010 Japan’s administration chosen to determine the status of a considerable lot of the more-matured individuals from its group. What it found, be that as it may, was that a large portion of Japan’s more seasoned subjects had kicked the bucket, and that their kids had concealed their passings with a specific end goal to bear on changing their various benefits checks!
  81. Murphy beds have been credited as the reason for individuals’ passing’s sometime recently. Most as of late in 2005 when two ladies were caught and choked to the demise by their Murphy bed.
  82. The minimum fiscally fruitful Harry Potter film made roughly $90 million more than the best Twilight motion picture.
  83. In late 2013, the main flesh eating warm blooded creature to be found inside the Western half of the globe was found by Dr. Kristofer Helgen. It is known as the Olinguito and is an individual from the Raccoon-family.
  84. In 2002, Brazilian workman Alfredo Moser concocted another kind of light that utilizations definitely no electric at all! The Moser-light is made utilizing a plastic container loaded with water and the littlest piece of dye (to stop the jug turning green with green growth), and works through the refraction of common light – kicking out around 40 – 60 watts for every light! They are getting to be distinctly mainstream in numerous nations where power is a costly item, and have been fitted in more than 140,000 homes in the Philippines. In spite of the achievement of his innovation, Alfredo Moser has not turned out to be rich from it, but rather has rather an incredible feeling of pride at his philanthropy.
  85. In August 2013, Michigan man Darryl See was discharged from escalated mind in the wake of being hit head-on by a rapid Amtrak prepare. Darryl See, who was tuning in to music and didn’t hear the prepare’s rehashed horn-blows, was purportedly tossed 20 feet from the track by the prepare that was going at 110mph!
  86. New research gave recommends that NASA make, Voyager 1, has left our nearby planetary group – making it the main man-made protest leave the close planetary system! Propelled in 1977, the Voyager 1 test is not set to come up short on fuel vitality until 2025, which means by then it could have dug much more profound into interstellar space.
  87. In mid-2013, a seismic tremor evidence church was built in Christchurch, New Zealand, utilizing principally cardboard as the essential building material! Built from 98 goliath cardboard tubes covered in various layers of waterproof polyurethane the ‘cardboard house of prayer’ cost $6 million to fabricate and is intended to keep going for up to 50 years!
  88. In 1995, odd 7-foot roundabout examples were found on the sea floors. Regarded the ‘flattened crops of the ocean’, these secretive examples went unanswered for until mid-2011 when it was found that 5-inch long male puffer-fish were the offenders. Subsequent to concentrate these creatures, researchers have found that the careful creation and upkeep of these examples by the puffer-angle fill in as a fascination for the inverse sex and additionally a home for the female puffer-fish’s eggs.
  89. In the bioengineering bureau of the University of Illinois, scientists have made little ‘biobots’, somewhat out of manufactured gel and halfway out of muscle cell, that can proceed onward their own. While just a little logical stride, this is the building hinders for ‘nanotechnology’: minor gadgets that could exist inside the human body, unreservedly distinguishing disease and managing drug.
  90. In the Vietnam-War, American fighters trusted the playing card The Ace of Spades to be an image of superstition and dread among the Viet Cong warriors. To such an extent that Charlie Company of the armed force’s second legion requested cases of this single card in mass so they could disseminate it in Viet Cong landscape and litter the assemblages of dead Viet Cong officers with it. The Ace of Spades was not dreaded by the Viet Cong.
  91. The honey bee bat is the world’s littlest bat, as well as the world’s littlest warm blooded animal. These charming little animals weigh just 2 grams. They are 29 to 33mm long, with a wingspan of around 170mm!
  92. In 2007, a 1000-gallon inflatable swimming pool was stolen from somebody’s back-garden without a solitary drop of water being found! Wow! this is great random mind blowing facts indeed.
  93. You are three circumstances more prone to get an infection on your PC from a Religious site than from a Porn site.
  94. The wild pig was once thought to be wiped out inside Ireland, however more than 50 of them have been found and discovered meandering the nation in 2013 alone! They are thought to have been re-acquainted with the nation unlawfully by poachers.
  95. Colombian medication master Pablo Escobar kept four Hippos in his home before his passing in 1993. Regarded excessively bother to move by experts, his Hippos were left there and have since reared and circumvented turning into an intrusive types of Colombia.
  96. It is evaluated that in the Amazon Rainforest alone there between 20-40 million unique types of creatures, the greater part of which are bugs, and also more than 40,000 types of plant!
  97. There is a half breed don birthed from the comic book of a French craftsman and movie producer called Chess Boxing. This comprises of six four-minute chess rounds intervened with five three-minute boxing rounds. A candidate wins when they get a thump out or specialized stoppage inside the boxing round, or through a registration or relinquish inside the chess rounds.
  98. On the twentieth August 2013 the world record for the world’s greatest Lego-tower was crushed by a gathering of understudies from Delaware, USA. Their tower measured 112 feet in tallness and was built utilizing more than 500,000 bits of Lego!
  99. An Egyptian neckband dated as being 5,000 years of age has been found to have been made out of meteoritic metals. The nine dabs were found to contain abnormal amounts of nickel, cobalt, prosperous and germanium – every single trademark metal of a shooting star. Considerably all the more fascinating is the manner by which the globules were made. They were moved from thin sheets of metal which repudiates what students of history accepted about the smithing capacities of old Egyptians, having already trusted the dots to have gaps bored through them.
  100. American picture taker Harry Whittier Frees dressed his felines – and additionally the felines and puppies of his neighbors – in little, human like apparel and gave them props before shooting them. The high contrast photos of these felines and puppies were regularly given witty inscriptions by Frees, making them the (accidentally) first LOLcat images!

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