No One Can Stop You from Online Earning

In this digital age, anyone can earn online as there are a lot of things to work on. Whether you’re a student looking for a side hustle or a professional seeking a flexible income source, the online world offers a plethora of options. With determination, dedication, and the right mindset, no one can stop you from harnessing the potential of online earning.

You are not the property of your employer, simply put, you are not his slave!

There is a story of a person who worked for a less progressive company, and then the side hustle is a no-go.

“You can’t do that here”, they said.

It is ridiculous!!!

Let’s break down whether you can make money outside of your 9-5 job so you don’t miss out on amazing opportunities.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with an employer

How would you do it?

Never ask your employer for permission to make an online income or side hustle/savings. You are not their slave always asking for permission. Of course if you ask the employer they will say NO or make it difficult. Don’t tell them or share your side interests/earnings. And if they find out, be vague.

No employer can prevent you from cutting grass on the weekend for extra pay. And they can’t stop you from posting on social media. Well! When you share your learning or earning experience, the problem arises when someone in your circle is so bad that they do cheap things and tell their boss that they are doing some other job.

Multiple income streams are how you risk yourself on the road, they’ll get you fired in this recession.

Right now inflation is out of control.

Are most employers giving their people a raise to ease the pain? Of course NO.

So your salary goes down every year. This year’s pay cut for Americans was roughly 8.5%. Nice. It’s also very bad all over the world. Every country is suffering from inflation right now in 2023. Take my word for it! If you don’t have a side hustle, it can be more difficult to survive.

If your employer doesn’t want you to have a side income and needs you to rely on it 100%, say this:

“Ok, I m not going to work anywhere else if you give me a raise now so that I can cover my expenses. Because that’s the deal they would have to make with you to ban side hustles.”

The truth is, when times are tough, employers fire people like they’re disposable pieces of garbage. It also becomes high-powered. Let’s discuss it in depth here.

One of the examples that happened to many of my friends at the beginning of 2020 in the time of Covid-19. Many of my friends are in key positions and take great salaries from their employers, but after Covid-19, the employers laid them off and hired internees to work with low pay.

I’m not shocked by that.

This is the model of capitalism. You work so that the corporation can extract as much profit as possible from your ass until you are too old and have less energy, then they force you into retirement and give you a small parting paycheck.


Own your life or get owned by someone else. Make your dreams come true or make someone’s. The choice is totally yours!

If you keep asking for permission, you’ll still get instructions on what to do and what not to do. Just stop asking for permission. Learn skills to earn money online or start looking like you don’t care after busy hours and learn computer skills that make money. In this era, side hustle equals survival. Harsh but true.

Remember, building a successful side hustle and making money online takes time and effort. Stay committed, be adaptable, and continuously learn from your experiences. With the right strategy and consistent action, your online venture can become a valuable source of income and personal fulfillment.

Disclaimer: I am not your legal advisor. It’s just a thought, you may agree or not entirely depending on your mindset.

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