FBR Tax Asaan App Features and Tax Return Filing Guide for Android/iOS

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) who is the tax collection authority in Pakistan has launched the brand new mobile application called “Tax Asaan”. According to FBR; the Tax Asaan App is available for both Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad) mobile operating system through Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Since the takeover of new Government of Pakistan; the tax authority is trying its best to move towards digitization and provide online facilities to all tax payers in the country as it will help them to control corruption and make the whole tax submission and tax collection process more efficient and prompt. So if you are a tax return filer of any type i.e. Salaries Individuals, Individuals, Association of Persons (AOPs) or Companies running any kind of business then you can get benefit from Tax Asaan Mobile Application. In this article; we are providing each and every detail related to Tax Asaan Features and Functions for Android and iOS users and as well as providing a detailed guide on How to File Tax Return using Tax Asaan Application.

Tax Asaan Features and Functions

By using Tax Asaan mobile app, the online tax payers and tax return filers of any kind i.e. Individuals, Salaries Individuals, Association of Persons (AOPs) or Businesses can avail the following number of online services of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for free on Android and iOS platforms.

  • Online Income Tax Return (IRIS) Filing with Sign In Option (Same Login Details of FBR Website).
  • Online Sales Tax Registration for New Companies, Businesses and Startups.
  • Generate Computerized Payment Receipt (CPR) to Pay Taxes Online like Income Tax, Sales Tax or FED with e-Payment Feature.
  • Online Verification of Active Taxpayer List (Income Tax) with NTN / CNIC.
  • Online Active Tax Payer Status (Income Tax) of AJK using NTN / CNIC.
  • Online NTN / STRN Verification and Inquiry with NTN, STRN, CNIC, Passport Number and Registration Number.
  • Exemption Certificate Verification using Bar Code Reference.
  • FBR Notices and Orders Verification with Bar Code.
  • Check Computerized Payment Receipt (CPR) Status using CPR Number.
  • POS Invoice Verification with Invoice Number.

Download Tax Asaan App for Android Phones and Tablets

If you own Android device then you can free download Tax Asaan application from Google Play Store for Free. Tax Asaan APK file will be installed by Play Store. After you download and install Tax Asaan app, just open and Sign In for tax return filing or you can avail online verification services without any kind of Sign In.

FBR Tax Asaan App Features for Android

Download Tax Asaan App for iOS (iPhone / iPad)

If you are using iPhone or iPad device then you can also free download Tax Asaan app from Apple App Store for Free. After you install Tax Asaan mobile application, just open and Sign In for online tax return filing or you can get online verification services without Sign In.

FBR Tax Asaan Features for iOS (iPhone-iPad)

How to File Tax Return using Tax Asaan Mobile App?

Currently; FBR’s Tax Asaan app is offering “Sign In” option and that is also limited to a Salaried Individuals only for online tax return filing using an app. In the future, this will be changed and updated by FBR.

There is no “Sign Up” option available on a mobile app. So if you are not already registered at FBR IRIS website, then you first need to do E-Enrolment or Registration on FBR IRIS website. After that, you will be able to “Sign In” on Tax Asaan mobile app.

Those tax payers or tax return filers who have already enrolled or registered at FBR IRIS website; then they can use the same login and password on Tax Asaan app. There is no need for separate registration for a mobile app.

If you still have any question related to FBR Tax Asaan App or Tax Return Filing, then you can ask me in the comment section below.

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